HeskaView Telecytology

Cytologic samples are easy to take as they do not warrant anesthesia or sedation of the patient. Evaluation of a cytologic smear is however challenging and detailed skills about the morphologic cellular characteristics are required. HeskaView Telecytology is a service for your clinic. It combines an intuitive User Portal with an automated slide scanner bringing board-certified clinical pathologist reporting directly in your clinic. 
Your sample submission can consist of blood smears, fine needle aspirates, body cavity effusions, bone marrow and more. We evaluate all of your cytologic samples with no limitations concerning the species examined. 

Product description

HaskaView Telecytology: automated and easy to operate slide scanner

The automated and easy to operate slide scanner digitizes your samples for specialist review and patient file storage. 
In the user-friendly customer portal all your patient information needed for the case can be added in an intuitive and quick way. Here you also find priority options like STAT, where you can choose your turnaround time and get comprehensive reports on average within one hour. 
Our clinical pathologists, all ACVP/ECVCP diplomates, are dedicated to point of care telecytology, providing rapid, expert diagnostic support for your patients. You will finally receive a comprehensive report about your case, including a detailed microscopic description, diagnoses and if applicable additional information. Slide images are added to the report facilitating understanding of what is going on in your patient. 

HeskaView Telecytology: Indications

Indications to evaluate a cytological sample: 
-    Blood: 
     o    Blood smear analysis to in/exclude immune-mediated hemolytic anemias
     o    Parasites: Detection of parasites in blood smears
     o    Left shift: Identification of a left shift in a hematological sample to identify acute demand for neutrophils
-    Lymph node: diagnose lymphoma immediately
-    Liver: Differentiate different types of hepatopathies
-    Skin lumps: identify inflammatory versus neoplastic disease
-    Synovial fluid: differentiate immune-mediated disease from infection
-    And much more!