Element i+

Element i+ comes to revolutionize the world of canine and feline immunodiagnostics. Equipped with the latest technology in fluorescence immunoassay with evanescent laser illumination, patented by Heska, makes the Element i+ the most accurate, compact and fastest analyzer on the market.

Its sleek, streamlined design allows it to fit into any workspace. Thanks to its simple and intuitive operation for immediate sample loading and processing, it will make your daily work faster and more comfortable.

Save time and money with the new Element i+

Product description

Element i+: Parameter

T4: Diagnose and monitor thyroid disorders 

cTSH: Diagnose and monitor hypothyroidism in canines 

Cortisol: Diagnose and monitor patients with Cushing’s or Addison’s disease 

Progesterone: Management of breeding and parturition and detection of canine reproductive diseases

cCRP: Inflammatory marker to screen and monitor the presence of injury, infection or other inflammatory processes in canines

COMING SOON: Nu.Q Cancer Screening Test

Element i+: Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

Element i+ is the only immunodiagnostic analyzer that adapts to any fixed or mobile working environment, thanks to its compact size and microfluidic cartridges that allow storage at room temperature.

With only 100μL of sample and in 5 minutes, you will obtain the most accurate and complete results on the market. Forget about external laboratories and save time and money with the new Element i+.

Start your patient's treatment from the first visit!

Element i+: Expand your in-house diagnostic capabilities!

Element i+ is characterized by its: 

• Accurate, quantitative results

• Room temperature cartridge storage

• Large color touch screen

• Bi-directional interface for integration with practice management software

• Easy to use and operate to help you create patients in the system, generate complete reports and integrate results from other biochemistry or hematology analyzers.

• Quickly and easily program the continuous follow-up of complex patients. In addition, its classification system makes the retrieval of previous patient results immediate.

Expand your inhouse diagnostic capabilities!