Gentian canine CRP-Test

Product description

Gentian canine CRP-Test: Immunoturbidimetric CRP test specific for dogs!

The Gentian CRP test for the dog works according to the immunoturbidimetric test principle and contains polyclonal (avian) antibodies specific for the dog. Species-specific reagents, controls and calibrators in one test kit allow rapid and straightforward work as well as efficient application of the test on numerous clinical chemistry analyzers. Thus, this important inflammatory marker can be easily added to the routine test panel.

Different sample materials can be used
For the veterinarian, the Gentian CRP test is particularly practical because different sample materials can be examined. Serum, heparin or EDTA plasma of the dog can be used with the Gentian CRP test and allow a targeted exclusion of an infection.

Method validation
A detailed method validation was performed at the "Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences Animal Hospital", in Uppsala as well as in the central laboratory of the Justus Liebig University Giessen. The Gentian CRP test impressed by its robustness and showed a high measurement accuracy and repeatability.