Element RC3X

Element RC3X

Product description

Element RC3X: Powerful and Efficient!

The Element RC3X is a fully automated clinical chemistry analysis system for veterinary practices. The Element RC3X combines three measuring chambers for the simultaneous determination of three different patient samples. Two measuring chambers record indication-related parameter profiles or single / dual parameters. The lowest measuring chamber is reserved for determining the immunological parameters cCRP, SAA and Phenobarbital.

It utilises 200 μL of lithium heparin whole blood, plasma or serum for a diagnostic profile. Trust the accurate results and initiate the necessary treatments without delay. The simple operation gives you time for other tasks.

The Element RC3X determines up to 15 parameters within 15 minutes and then automatically sends the measurement results to your practice management software. The bidirectional data transfer to your practice management software supports the optimum integration of the Element RC3X into your daily work routine. Pre-installed reference ranges and results are transferred automatically. 

The Element RC3X clinical chemistry analysis system is the ideal solution for your daily laboratory diagnostics!