scil v-ParCoGia

scil v-ParCoGia

Parvovirus antigen (CPV2a, 2b, 2c, as well as CPV2 and FPV), Coronavirus antigen (CCV + FCoV) as well as Giardia duodenalis antigen are simultaneously detected in the scil v-ParCoGia assay. While parvovirus leads to watery diarrhea dominantly in puppies, coronavirus infection is an important cause for gastroenteritis in dogs of any age. Giardia infection can be acute or chronic. Intermittent shedding of causative agents should be considered. Detecting these three agents causing gastroenteritis in one test system facilitates rapid workflow in the clinic.

Product description

Easy test procedure for fecal sample

The standardized test procedure allows clean handling of the fecal sample and rapid result examination. 


Long shelf-life of 24 month, storage at room temperature and easy test procedure make the scil Rapid Test a very useful and efficient tool in your daily practice.


Results of scil Rapid Tests are distinct and secure. The test has been carefully validated and shows an excellent sensitivity and specificity.