Vivid i

Vivid i

The Vivid i is a high-performance, battery-operated, ultra-portable diagnostic Veterinary Ultrasound system providing exceptional image quality. 

Product description

High-performance ultrasound for veterinarians

The Vivid i is a high-performance, battery-operated, ultra-portable diagnostic Veterinary Ultrasound system providing exceptional image quality. The Vivid i is designed for  cardiovascular imaging, abdominal, small-parts, perioperative monitoring and 2D ICE imaging.


The Vivid i ultrasound is based on GE’s TruScan Architecture, which is common to all GE Ultrasound systems, EchoPAC PC Workstation, software and network solutions. It features a software-driven PC-based platform, raw data storage with advanced post-processing capabilities, complete connectivity and compatibility with the GE family of Cardiovascular Ultrasound Systems.