scil Vet abc Plus

scil Vet abc Plus

18 Parameters in 60 Seconds? Just one Drop of Blood and a Simple Keystroke!

Product description

General Overview

The scil Vet abc Plus™ is simple to operate and produces a complete four-part differential blood count in only 60 seconds. When the measurement is started, 10 µl of EDTA whole blood are automatically aspirated - no sample preparation is necessary. The results are automatically transferred to your practice software program. The operator-friendly reagent pack concept renders daily maintenance procedures unnecessary. The proven impedance technology delivers reliable results in both healthy and sick animals. scil Vet abc Plus™ Features:

  • 18 parameters in 60 seconds
  • Small sample size 10ul
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Automated QC +/- calibration
  • 4-part differential: The scil Vet abc Plus™ identifies all parameters of a complete blood cell count: erythrocytes, thrombocytes, leukocytes, hemoglobin and all erythrocyte-indices. 4-Part Differential: Granulocyte, Monocyte, Lymphocyte, Eosinophil.

Just three steps!

Get the result in only three steps !

The scil Vet abc Plus™ is simple to operate. Measurement is started by pushing one button and the results are automatically transferred to your practice software after 60 seconds.

Step 1: Select species and enter Patient-ID Enter the patient information via touchscreen and select one of the pre-installed species.

Step 2: Add EDTA sample and push start button Place the sample below the aspiration needle and press the sample bar. The scil Vet abc Plus aspirates 10 µl EDTA whole blood and starts the measurement automatically.

Step 3: Read the Results

In House Hematology for your Veterinary Clinic

The scil Vet abc hematology analyzer's space saving, self-contained reagent pack, and ease of use makes it the perfect addition to any Veterinary clinic looking to add an in house lab. Getting CBC results has never been quicker or easier.