scil v-FeLV-FIV

scil v-FeLV-FIV

Retroviruses are important infectious agents in cats. Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) p27 antigen is simultaneously detected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) antibodies against the FIV associated proteins p24 and gp41. scil v-FeLV-FIV uses a highly specific peptide to increases binding affinity of antigens and antibodies in the test system thereby providing excellent sensitivity and specificity for the assay. The clinical pictures of the diseases associated with FeLV and FIV infection vary and depend on virulence of the agent as well as immune status of the patient. Hematologic or lymphatic diseases are common as well as secondary diseases related to suppressed immune system of infected cats.

Product description

Easy test procedure of blood sample

The standardized test procedure allows clean handling of blood sample and rapid result examination. 


Results of scil Rapid Tests are distinct and secure. The test has been carefully validated and shows an excellent sensitivity and specificity. Binding of antigens and antibodies is enhanced by usage of the patented Strep-tag® technology.


Long shelf-life of 24 month, storage at room temperature and easy test procedure make the scil Rapid Test a very useful and efficient tool in your daily practice.