scil Vet abc

scil Vet abc

The scil Vet abc is simple to operate and produces a complete three part differential blood count in only 90 seconds. 

Product description

The Signature Device

Blending an affordable price with unmatched performance characteristics, the scil Vet abc hematology analyzer is the ideal solution for any veterinary practice. Over 4,000 practices have made the scil Vet abc their diagnostic tool of choice for their laboratories. The self-contained reagent pack inserts directly into the scil Vet abc resulting in a small foot print. CBC's have never been easier, more accurate or less expensive than they are now!


Results in three easy steps!

The scil Vet abc is simple to use - with one push of the sample bar, the sample is aspirated and complete results are printed in 90 seconds.

The 4-part differential is further enhanced by the esoinophil flag, a percentage upper limit for eosinophils in the sample that can be set to your specifications. The activation instructions suggest setting the flag to 5% since eosinophils generally represent <4% of the WBC population.

When the eosinophils exceed 5%, the actual percentage number, or "flag", appears on the printout. Giving your patients the most rapid and accurate assessment of their health status is a snap with the scil Vet abc.

Step 1: Insert the Smart Card Specific species parameters are available on Smart Cards. The scil Vet abc provides results for 11 different species; dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, cow, horse, pig, sheep, mouse, rat, and monkey.

Step 2: Aspiration of the sample Simply push the sample bar and the scil Vet abc automatically aspirates 12 µl of the EDTA blood sample. Preparation or processing of the sample is not needed. Campione di sangue

Step 3: View Larger Image Printing the results In just 90 seconds full results including a 4 part differential (for dog, cat, horse, mouse, rat, rabbit and ferret) are printed in an easy to interpret format.

Species and Parameters

The scil Vet abc can analyze the blood of 11 different animal species. For each species there is a specific Smart Card, on which the analysis algorithm and reference values are stored. The scil Vet abc completes a full analysis and requires only a 12 µl sample of EDTA blood. Parameters include erythrocyte count, thrombocyte count, total white blood cell count, hemoglobin, and erythrocyte indices. A four part differential gives lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes values and is available for the dog, cat, horse, rabbit, and ferret. The eosinophils are also represented by the "Eosinophil Flag" which reports when the eosinophil percentage exceeds 5%. The white and red blood cell counts, platelets and erythrocyte parameters are available for dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, cow, horse, pig, sheep, mouse, rat and monkey. Additionally, a 4-part differential is available for the dog, cat, horse, rabbit, mouse, rat, and ferret.

In House Hematology for your Veterinary Clinic

The scil Vet abc hematology analyzer's space saving, self-contained reagent pack, and ease of use makes it the perfect addition to any Veterinary clinic looking to add an in house lab. Getting CBC results has never been quicker or easier.