Element HT5

Element HT5

Product description

Element HT5: easy handling

The Element HT5 determines a hematological blood count with 20 parameters in less than one minute. To determine a blood count, the Element HT5 takes only 15 µL EDTA whole blood. The small sample volume proves to be a practical advantage, especially for small patients.

Analyzing a sample is facilitated by clear instructions on the large touchscreen display. The menu is intuitive and the different functions can be easily assessed on the screen.

Element HT5: accurate results

The accurate results of the sample measurement are displayed in a WBC scattergram and RBC/PLT histograms. The Element HT5 hematology system combines three measurement methods for reliable results:

- the laser flow cytometry for the detection of lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils and basophils

- the impedance method for detection of red blood cells and platelets

- the colorimetric method for the HGB detection.

Element HT5: optimized data work flow

The Element HT5 optimizes the work flow in your practice by offering a bi-directional data transmission. You can easily send a lab request from the examination room directly to the Element HT5. After the analysis, the Element HT5 will send the patient results directly back to your desk.