scil vCell 5

scil vCell 5

Your benefits for your Clinic:

  • combined laser and impedance measurement method for accurate measurement results 
  • latest microfl uid technology for a low reagent consumption 
  • environmentally friendly due to low reagent consumption and sustainable production
  • small space requirement, one DIN A4 sheet is enough 
  • modern touchscreen display for your lab equipment 
  • simple menu navigation: tap and swipe like a mobile phone
  • bidirectional communication with your practice management software possible

Product description

5-part differentiation with scattergram

The scil vCell 5 determines a complete hematological blood count with 26 parameters including a WBC scattergram, RBC and PLT histograms.

Smallest sample quantity

 The scil vCell 5 requires one drop of blood for a complete measurement. The system aspirates 30μL of whole blood, but actually uses only 2 x 1μL - the smallest sample volume ever processed by a hematology device.

Economically valuable

High throughput, low cost of ownership and low sample volume make the scil vCell 5 an effi cient hematology system for everyday Modern menu navigation laboratory use.

Modern menu navigation

 laboratory use. The space-saving scil vCell 5 features a 10“ high-resolution touchscreen display that uses the same controls as your smartphone. „Swipe and tap“ instead of „press and scroll“ is therefore the motto and allows you a completely new, time-saving interaction with your scil vCell 5. The „look and feel“ of the scil vCell 5 meets your modern practice equipment!

Ecologically sensible

Small reagent volumes help to minimize the use of laboratory chemicals. By reducing the transport volume and using a „green“ printer concept, the scil vCell 5 helps to save a signifi cant part of the running costs, to keep test costs low and to protect the environment.

Remote maintenance

scil vCell 5 uses remote access to be remotely adjusted and controlled. The unique connectivity feature enables time-saving maintenance and quick support. scil vCell 5 makes remote trouble shooting easier.

Combined measuring method

The scil vCell 5 uses laser based flow cytometry with forward scattered light detection and volumetric impedance measuring method. scil vCell 5 assures accurate results with combined measuring procedures.

Bi-directional data transmission

Optimize your laboratory workfl ows with bidirectional data transmission: Send a lab order from your examination room to the scil vCell 5, and the scil vCell 5 sends the measurement result back to your practice management software. scil vCell 5 saves time without double input of patient data.

Microfluid technology to reduce reagent consumption

The scil vCell 5 is based on the latest hematology microfluid technology! This innovative technology reduces reagent consumption by approximately 75% compared to devices based on traditional technology. scil vCell 5 saves environment and space in your laboratory.