Spotchem™ EZ VET

Spotchem™ EZ VET

The Spotchem™ EZ VET determines clinical chemistry parameters. A profile with six different parameters can be combined with up to three individual parameters. Thus, each user can put together their individual study profiles .

Product description

Combine individually

The Spotchem™ EZ VET is an analyzer for the measurement of clinical chemistry laboratory parameters. The device has three positions for the insertion of single parameter strips and a position on the use of a so-called multi-stripe, on which reagents for the determination of up to 6 different parameters are. The device can therefore determine up to 9 different parameters simultaneously, which can be put together individually, without having to give up the possibility for the determination of individual parameters.

Wide Parameterrange

With the Spotchem™ EZ VET 19 different parameters can be determined. Besides the classical clinical chemistry parameters, fructosamine and the electrolytes calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can be determined. By being able to face the profiles individually, the veterinarian can decide for themselves what is to be measured for parameters - single parameter, a profile, or a combination. Thus, no parameters are measured that are not absolutely necessary. 

Easy to use

The Spotchem™ EZ VET is easy and fast to use. To carry out an analysis, only 3 operating steps are necessary. The sample is automatically removed by centrifugation from the device and the pipetting process is automatic.