Compact hormone analysis: The Fuji DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10V determines the thyroid hormone T4 and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone)! Diseases of the adrenal gland can be detected with the investigation of cortisol.

Product description

High sensitivity and specificity by antibody binding

Specifically binds the hormone to the antibody in the cartridge. This binding leads to an altered fluorescence, which is proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the sample and quickly leads to results.

No loss of time - results in 10 minutes

Fully automatic uses the Fuji DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10V antibody coated cartridges, which quickly and sensitively detect the appropriate hormone. A calibration of the device is not necessary because LOT-specific information is stored on the cartridge bar code and read from the device.

Intuitive and easy usage

The patient input is intuitive via the clearly structured control box of Fuji DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10V. The analyzer performs the measurement automatically and required for a test only 100µL serum or lithium heparin plasma. Upon completion of the analysis, the results are automatically transmitted to the laboratory computer.

Immediate clarification of the main endocrinopathies

Do you suspect a hormonal disorder in your patients? The Fuji DRI-CHEM IMMUNO AU10V now allows you not only quick in-house provision of the thyroid hormone T4, but also the determination of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone)! Even the adrenal gland disorders can be detected with the investigation of cortisol immediately off/include. With this small compact unit which works out to comprehensive information on the hormonal status of your patients on site.