The new Spotchem™EL is an electrolyte analyzer that simultaneously measures sodium, chloride and potassium in just 60 seconds! The scil Spotchem™EL is perfect for diagnosing emergency situations FAST. This analyzer is easy to operate, and with a convenient small footprint, you can place this analyzer wherever you need it!

Product description

Overview- Spotchem EL

Product Features:
Simultaneous 60 second analysis of sodium Chloride and Potassium Low cost per test Results in 3 easy steps Measures whole blood, serum or plasma Small sample size: 22 µL Small benchtop analyzer Inserimento striscia


Product Benefits:
Diagnose emergency situations FAST Low testing costs allow for a larger return-on-investment Easy operation means efficient staff training Small sample size minimizes patient draw issues A convenient small footprint enables you to place analyzer wherever you need it!


Step 1:
Setting your E-Plate Set the E-Plate waste tray in place. Initiate measurement through the main menu and select your sample type. Now set the E-Plate on the table. Campione di sangue

Step 2:
Draw Sample Solution Draw up the sample solution AND sample using the convenient Twin-pipette provided. The Spotchem™EL will start the measurement once the Twin-pipette is removed. Campione di sangue

Step 3:
Measurement Once the Twin-Pipette has been removed, measurement starts automatically