Element DC

Element DC

The Element DC is a compact analyzer for the measurement of clinical chemistry parameters. The pre-configured cartridges combine up to 16 parameters. With a sample volume of only 70 µl the Element DC determines the measurement results in only 7 to 10 minutes. The intuitive menu navigation facilitates everyday use, even in emergency situations. Element DC supports accurate and rapid in-house diagnostics in your practice.

Product description

Easy Handling

The intuitive user handling is simple and straight forward with an touch-screen-display. Follow only three steps on the 4,3 inch display for a measurement.

Internal Data Storage

The Element DC stores up to 5,000 test results on an internal data storage.

Data Transmission on all Channels

Whether analogue or digital, the Element DC transmits the measurement results on all channels. The internal printer delivers the results in black and white. The bidirectional connection allows an optimated data transmittion to your practice management software.

Fast Measurement Results

In only 7 to 10 minutes the Element DC determines up to 16 parameters with pre-configured test cartridges.

Small Sample Volume

70 μl of sample volume is sufficient for a complete analysis. The Element DC determines the measurement results with only one drop of serum or plasma.