Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test detects cancer earlier and improves treatment outcome!

Product description

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test: Detect cancer earlier and improve treatment outcome!

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test can improve the quality of life of dogs. Up to 50% of all dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer is the most common cause of death in dogs over the age of 2 years in the US. Currently, cancer is often only detected when the patient already shows clinical signs. Starting treatment in a dog which is unstable may limit treatment success.

The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test is a simple, cost effective, easy to use screening blood test which can help to diagnose cancer earlier and allow you to initiate treatment when your patient is still in stable physical condition! This can prolong your patient’s life expectancy.  

We therefore recommend to introduce the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test as part of the annual wellness check for older dogs and breeds at risk to develop cancer.

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test: Reliable nucleosome screening test for cancer in dogs!

DNA is compacted within a cell’s nucleus in the form of nucleosomes which are bead-like structures comprised of DNA coiling around a histone protein core.

When a canine patient has cancer, nucleosomes from those cancer cells are released into the blood and can be measured using antibodies that are specific to nucleosomes. By measuring and analyzing nucleosomes, our Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test can identify patients who may have a cancer. This must then be confirmed by follow up procedures — for example, a biopsy or scan.

Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test: Where can I test my sample?

The Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Test is available as an ELISA Test for the reference laboratories. Contact your local laboratory and ask for the test!

You can also send the sample to our scil laboratory BiEsseA in Italy. 

BiEsseA – Laboratorio Analisi Veterinarie

Via Amedeo D’Aosta 7  –  20129 Milano (MI)  –  Italy

Phone: +39 02 29404636 (r.a.)

Fax: +39 02 29404644

E-mail: info-lab(at)

Please note: Check our „How to send a sample“-guideline in the download section prior for shipping! Nucleosomes are unstable and the sample requires special treatment.