PocketChem™ UA PU-4010

PocketChem™ UA PU-4010

The POCKETCHEM™ UA is an analytical device designed to determine the blood ammonia concentration.

Product description

Automated urinalysis in handy format

The PocketChem™ UA PU-4010 is a portable analyzer for the semi-quantitative determination of clinical chemistry parameters in the urine. The urine analyzer delivers, thanks to standardized reading, accurate results within only 60 seconds.

Protein-creatinine-ratio ( UPC )

Apart from the usual urine parameters (protein, glucose, pH) the PocketChem™ UA PU-4010 automatically calculates the urine protein-creatinine ratio (UPC), the amount of urinary protein excretion. A complete monitoring of patients with chronic kidney disease is thus secured at each examination of a urine test strip!


The urin alysis provides in addition to the analysis of clinical chemistry parameters in the blood, important clues about kidney disease, diseases of the urinary tract, as well as diabetes mellitus. The PocketChem™ UA PU-4010 offers a precise and standardized urin alysis within just 60 seconds.


The PocketChem™ UA PU-4010 is compatible with the test strip AUTION the line of Arkray. All test strips can be read visually with both the PocketChem™ UA PU-4010. With the test strip, you can perform a cost urin alysis directly in your practice. The reagents of PocketChem™ UA PU-4010 are available in user-friendly package sizes and are characterized by an extremely long shelf life. The storage of the reagents is carried out at room temperature.