scil v-Ehrlichia

scil v-Ehrlichia

Canine monocytotropic ehrlichiosis is caused by the rickettsial organism Ehrlichia canis in dogs and transmitted by ticks. Infection leads to multisystemic disease in dogs characterized by acute disease with unspecific signs, coagulation disorders and ophthalmological lesions. Subclinical disease is common with minimal clinical illness and thrombocytopenia. Some patients develop chronic disease which often resembles similar clinical disease than in the acute phase. Antibodies against Ehrlichia canis start to develop within 6-28 days post infection and should be interpreted together with the clinical picture. Detection of antibodies present is rapidly performed using the easy scil v-Ehrlichia rapid test kit.

Product description

Easy test procedure of blood sample

The standardized test procedure allows clean handling of blood sample and rapid result examination. 


Results of scil Rapid Tests are distinct and secure. The test has been carefully validated and shows an excellent sensitivity and specificity.


Long shelf-life of 24 month, storage at room temperature and easy test procedure make the scil Rapid Test a very useful and efficient tool in your daily practice.