scil v-Diro

scil v-Diro

Canine heartworm disease is a chronic disease due to infection with Dirofilaria immitis larvae and worms. 6-7 month after infection adult female worms become apparent and can specifically be detected using the scil v-Diro assay. The clinical picture of the disease varies in affected dogs. Mild cases may be asymptomatic but more severely affected patients can show different stages of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The parasite is endemic in many tropical and subtropical regions. Therefore regular prophylactic treatment is needed for the dogs as well as checks for infectious status using the scil v-Diro assay.

Product description

Easy test procedure of blood sample

The standardized test procedure allows clean handling of blood sample and rapid result examination. 


Results of scil Rapid Tests are distinct and secure. The test has been carefully validated and shows an excellent sensitivity and specificity.


Long shelf-life of 24 month, storage at room temperature and easy test procedure make the scil Rapid Test a very useful and efficient tool in your daily practice.