Diode Laser Elli

Product description

Price - Performance: Excellent!

The high-performance diode laser Elli masters all surgical and therapeutic challenges in everyday practice. The power output of 15 watts, the possibility for use in pulsed and continuous radiation mode and a variety of combinable fibers and handpieces turn the diode laser Elli into an all-rounder for veterinary medicine.

Easy handling with maximum user safety

Despite the use of the diode laser within the fixed programming, you remain flexible in any situation. Each individual performance parameters are customized to fit your needs and indications at any time.

Comprehensive Facilities

A variable package of various laser fibers and combinable handpieces is available for the use in a wide variety of indications. It is possible to work under optimal conditions and safe - no matter whether you irradiate therapeutically, cut, coagulate or vaporize.