scil IPS

scil IPS

A single technology that can increase your Veterinary clinics workflow efficiency drastically and improve diagnosis.

Product description

Digital Radiography for your Veterinary Clinic

Digital radiography is technology that can increase workflow efficiency drastically, improve diagnosis, expedite treatment, eliminate film processing and dramatically reduce X-ray re-takes. The scil IPS® System is a flat panel system that offers automatic image processing and optimal quality. Our Flat Panel Digital Radiography fits into most current X-ray systems with minor retrofit effort, however, if you are looking at replacing your X-ray table & generator at the same time, we offer the Veterinary-specific scil SXR-HF X-Ray System. The scil SXR-HF x-ray System integrates directly with the DR software so you can change the console settings directly from within the software when you are planning your study.


The Central Nova Animal Hospital Ltd. located in Truro, in the Atlantic province of Nova Scotia of Canada. The Central Nova Animal Hospital Ltd. is since a full-service small animal clinic and offers the latest technology in all areas of the hospital,ranging from a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory, an operating room for surgery, an X-ray room and four treatment rooms with the possibility of ultrasound diagnosis and dental treatment. The animal hospital is best known for its high quality orthopedic surgeries, including the treatment of fractures and cruciate ligament ruptures (TTA). In addition, the clinic deals with about 50% of emergencies in the region. Since autumn 2011, the Central Nova Animal Hospital takes up to five X-ray images per day fully direct digital. In cooperation with its local partner scil Vet Novations Canada Inc., OR Technology installed a Medici DR system, whichClinic using Veterinary digital x-ray was equipped with a Toshiba-detector FDX 4343R, a 19’’ touch screen and the image acquisition and diagnostic software dicomPACS®DX-R. “We have decided for the system by OR Technology due to several reasons”, says Dr. Penny Richards, head of the small animal clinic. “The userfriendliness of the system with its intuitive operation, the very high quality X-ray images and the compatibility with our practice management system Impromed Infinity, were ultimately determining factors for the purchase. In addition, the measuring function TTA with the selection of different templates convinced us completely. This tool helps us enormously in planning our TTA treatments for which we are very well known in this region.” Effective workflow “Compared to our previous analog system, the advantages of digital radiography are obvious: we now obtain very high-quality X-ray images and the image acquisition time is significantly faster. We are now in a position to make better X-ray images with little or no retakes”, says Dr. Richards. The Central Nova Animal Hospital often collaborates with other specialised veterinary clinics: “Thanks to the built-in email sending function, we can send X-rays quickly to external experts or make the images available for other institution for referrals”, says Dr. Penny Richards. The veterinarians of the clinic also often use the 1:1 tool of the versatile acquisition and diagnostic software dicomPACS®DX-R. By using this tool, the scale of the image corresponds to a conventional X-ray film. “The film identical representation of the images is particularly useful for surgical planning”, explains the head of the small animal clinic. “We are extremely pleased with the Medici system and would recommend it anytime”, says Dr. Penny Richards.